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Dear Valued Patient,

We are no stranger to viruses and protecting our dental patients and our dental team from all communicable diseases has and always will be our priority.  We will continue to practice dentistry in a safe and conservative manner so that our patients can get the care they need and deserve even in the midst of a pandemic. We have implemented additional recommended precautions specific to Covid-19 that are meant to provide our patients peace of mind so that they can proceed with their dental care knowing that their safety remains our priority. A few examples of changes that you will notice are:

  1. Pre-screening patients for symptoms, Temperature checks, recent travel concerns, and or exposure questionnaire

  2. Additional and enhanced PPE and sterilization techniques have been implemented as well as mandatory preprocedural mouth rinses for all patients.

  3. Additional time is given to some appointments to allow for area prep and reduction of in-office traffic.

  4. Mandatory and periodic dental team COVID testing

  5. Plexiglass barriers will be present in critical areas where social distancing is not possible

  6. Mandatory COVID information and consent forms in use

In these trying times, we are hopeful that you and your family have remained healthy and happy and we can’t wait to resume your dental treatment. In all of our locations, nationwide, we have taken extenuating measures to ensure the safety and care of our valued patients. Contact us today to schedule your appointment today or if you have any questions.

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