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What Sets Us Apart

Mobile Dentistry Solutions offers mobile pop-up solutions that close the gap between needed oral care and convenient patient accessibility to a dental office.  

We developed full-service dental care on-the-go for assisted living, independent living, and memory care communities across the Houston area.


The dental provider’s expertise in all forms of general dentistry, especially geriatric care, has specific implications for our mobile solutions. One’s oral health is crucial to living the quality of life one deserves. The convenience of traditional dental care such as preventative, basic, and major dental treatment in the comfort of one’s own home is a value every senior patient should have.

Being disabled, homebound, or institutionalized should not be an inconvenience for receiving quality dental care. Our mobile solutions are key for leading senior care providers aimed at alleviating this problem.

This program has now distinguished itself throughout the country as a landmark model for cooperative partnerships with senior care facilities. Our experience serves as the foundation for building a solution that speaks directly to the goals, objectives, and culture of major senior communities

For a great dental experience in Houston, request Mobile Dentistry Solutions.

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